We recently went on a 24 hour trip to Oklahoma with some of our friends and family. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! Oklahoma is about a 3-hour drive away from Texas, which went by quickly because we were all talking to one another the entire ride there. Once we got to Oklahoma, we immediately changed into our swimsuits and headed to the lake at Yogi Bear National Park. On the lake there were huge blow up slides and other inflatable water toys that we played on for literally hours! After we got tired of playing on the blow up slides, we went kayaking. 

After the lake we all went home to wash up, change into comfy clothes, and have a movie party with a bunchhhh of snacks! The next morning we ate breakfast and headed back home. For some reason, on the day we were driving back it was exceptionally sunny, and we all ended up more tan from being in the car than at the lake! We didn’t really notice our tans because we were too busy singing the entire way back (yes, 3 hours straight). So, when we all got home and our eyes adjusted a bit, it was definitely a funny surprise. 

Though it was a short trip, we seriously has a blast. We’re going to try to make this an annual tradition because it was so much fun getting everyone together for this mini trip. Where should we go next?!