Y’all we love our t-shirts from our Chi-O tees to just a basic tee in our closet! Trust us, when we say that they’re definitely a must-have for your wardrobe! They’re a perfect way to let your personality shine through. Whether you’re going for a more retro vibe in your favorite mom jeans or a more girly look with a flowy skirt, you can make a t-shirt work with any style. Here are 3 cute ways to style. our favorite t-shirt.


Cropped tees are in! They’re great for layering and of course for those warm weather, days. (Summer we’re SO ready for you!) If you don’t have a cropped tee, no problem! It’s easy to make a cute crop top from a full-size t-shirt without taking out the scissors and making permanent cuts. Fold the shirt under itself to your desired length, and take a safety pin to pin it up in the back. Quick and easy crop top – you’ll thank us later. 


Lately, we’ve been OBSESSED with front knot t-shirts especially with all of our college tees! This works perfectly with oversized t-shirts (and even sweaters).  All you have to do us gather a handful of the fabric in the front, and tie a knot. This will give your shirt a cool asymmetrical cropped look. 


Major styling hack alert! Just like rolling your fav jeans, rolling up the sleeves on your a tee can add just enough to spice up your look.  Simply make a roll with about 1” of the fabric and fold again to hide the seams.