We went on our first campus tour to…STANFORD! It seems so surreal that we’re actually at this point in our lives, but we’re SO excited to be getting ready for college!

Both of us want to major in marketing, so finding a school with a strong busines program is really important to us. Stanford has awesome business and entrepreneurship programs led by top professors in the industry, so we could definitely see ourselves going there. Not to mention, the YouTube headquarters are nearby campus!

On that note, the campus is HUGE, so thankfully the day before our tour we prepared ourselves mentally and physically by vegging and watching shows on Netflix (Bailey watched all of Stranger Things in one day!).  What we loved about the campus was that there is so much greenery (literally smells like flowers), it’s serene and beautiful, the weather was AMAZING. We met a lot of current students that were incredibly friendly as well, which was great! We can totally see ourselves laying out in the grass in between classes and even riding our bikes around campus.

One of the traditions that’s got us super excited to attend Stanford is Freshman Fountain Hopping. Pretty much, we (and other Freshman) are going to take a nice cool dip into the main fountain on campus!

This was an awesome trip overall, because not only did it finally hit us that we’re going to be graduating High School pretty soon, but also this time next year we’re going to be college Freshman and stepping into a whole new world (ahhhhhhh)!!!