With summer just around the corner, it’s time to get festival-ready! If you’re a first timer, or have a box full of festie wristbands tucked under your bed, don’t get caught without these must-haves to keep the good vibes going – and don’t forget your sunscreen!


Helloooo 90s nostalgia!  If you missed the first jellies craze, they’ve made a huge comeback and upped their style game from the playground to a versatile closet staple. Strut your inner 90s girl in a cute pair of jelly platform sandals – who said you can’t add some height and be comfy? You’ll totally be ready for festival season with these jellies.  


Throw some shade…on yourself. Visors are super on trend and perfect for those days dancing in the sun. These days the options of cute visors are endless! Look for fun details like transparent brims, vintage looks, and bright colors to add a pop of fun to your festie look. We’re loving the ease of throwing on a visor to double up on sun protection while also getting some cool style points.


Let’s face it – no one wants to have to worry about holding all their stuff whenever you’re off an adventure with your friends or dig around in your bag blindly for that lip gloss you need ASAP. Cue the coolest (and most functional!) trend around: the clear bag. Bare it all with a cross body bag or backpack to show off your goods and make your life easier. With nothing to hide, you’ll want to keep it simple with just the essentials (phone, wallet, keys – check) so you can keep groovin’ without being weighed down by your bag.


Remember the joy of temporary tattoos as a kid? Flashback alert! They’re back in the coolest of ways and still just as fun to rock. Somewhere between shiny metallic jewelry and a minimal tattoo, these are the ultimate festival accessory when wearing the usual hardware jewelry in the sun is a no-go (ouch!). You can deck you and your friends out in hundreds of different styles from golden stacked rings, to gorgeously intricate silver mandalas, to simple lines and dots. It’s a fun way to get creative with your style and express yourself in a totally new way.


There are a few things we all know to be 100% certain for summer music festivals: we’ll wait in the longest lines imaginable, we’ll dance for 10 hours straight, and we’ll be sweating in 0.5 seconds after getting through the opening gates. To keep you and your friends cool, you can pop a fan into the charging port of your phone – no batteries, no assembly, no charging, easy breezy beautiful. This is a MUST for those hot fests and an easy way to be the make new friends in those long lines we mentioned earlier by cooling everyone off.