Graduation Prep in Style

We can’t believe graduation is almost here! We’ve made so many fun memories from Majestics to pizookies with friends.  As senior year comes to a close, it’s time to start thinking about our caps and gowns! Check out 5 cute ways to decorate your graduation caps! Let the graduation prep begin!


We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE girl power! Empowered women empower women! The female gender sign is a powerful statement that you can make on your graduation cap to bring out your inner feminist! All you need is glitter paper to trace out and cut the sign, and striped paper for the background.



If you’re a girly girl or love all things spring, then this is a graduation cap for you. This is super easy to do but also super cute. To make the flower crown, all you need are your favorite artificial flowers, cut the stems off, and hot glue them on.


We love that this graduation cap looks super fancy, but it’s literally so easy to do! All you need is stick on letters or a stick on quote that you like. To add a delicate touch, just place pearls on the border.


If you know us, then you know we love Disney! This graduation cap is for all the Disney fans out there. This grad cap is great if you want to curl your hair and wear it down because the design is on the back. TIP: For easy Mini Mouse ears, we cut the ears off a headband and glue them on.


We are a HUGE fan of Wonder Woman. She’s strong, independent, and, of course, an AMAZING superhero! This look will only take a few minutes to make. Just cut 2 triangles and trace out the Wonder Woman logo! TIP: You can find star stickers at the craft store and glue them on to save time.