Hello, College Spring Break

Hey everyone! We’re still blissed out after spending our spring break in Naples, Florida and wanted to share our experience. This was our first spring break that our parents let us adventure, so we headed south to Florida to spend it with a friend at her family’s beach house. Omg, what a blast! Every day felt like a dream of fun adventuring and chill activities.


 Our first day was spent exploring the town with lots of filming. It was soo much fun checking out new cool places. Afterward, we had to hit the beach for the sunset, of course. The final cherry on top of a great day was grabbing some ice cream at the local parlor.


The next day we decided to spend it at the local zoo and botanical gardens. It was a super fun day spent in the sun looking at exotic animals, feeding fish, and watering the flowers in the gorgeous gardens. It was a perfect day for taking photos!


After a long day the day before, we had an early leisurely morning and rented kayaks to see the sunrise. We kayaked for a few hours around the lovely Naples canals and loved how charming the area was! Later in the day we found out her parents had segways! Naturally we had to spend the afternoon zipping around and racing each other through the neighborhood (if you haven’t tried segways – do it! So much fun!) Next up was dinner time and a night out on the town. We grabbed dinner at an Italian restaurant and of course had more ice cream for dessert.

The rest of our week was spent chilling by the pool, lounging at the beach and reading – just what we needed to recharge after mid-terms and adventuring around the town. We had one more fun activity on our agenda though. Our friend, Hanna’s parents surprised us with wakeboarding lessons! Yesssss! On our last day, we spent the morning riding the wake and practicing our skills.

This week was a week to remember and much needed after the stress of college midterm exams. We had such an incredible time relaxing in the sun and checking out new sights and taking the time to have fun, regroup, and get ready to head back to school. Hope everyone had a great spring break!