When can I buy the Lash Next Door Mascara?

We’re so excited the Lash Next Door Mascara will be available for purchase Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 4 PM CT!

Where can I buy the Lash Bext Door Mascara?

The Lash Next Door mascara can be purchased online at

Can I buy it if I live internationally?

Unfortunately, the Lash Next Door mascara can only be purchased within the United States at this time. Fingers crossed, Lash Next Door will one day be available internationally!

How much does the mascara cost?

The Lash Next Door can be purchased for $18!

Why did we create the Lash Next Door Mascara? 

We were on a never-ending search for a mascara that ACTUALLY lengthened and volumized, instead of just “claiming” to. We also wanted a mascara that was safe to wear and wouldn’t harm our eyes and didn’t streak or clump…all without breaking the bank. We wanted a mascara that provided a confidence boost that, with each swipe, helped us conquer anything that came our way, but we never found one. So, we decided to create one!

How does it work?

You no longer have to pick if you want your mascara to lengthen or volumize your lashes…now you can have both! Just like a chocolate, vanilla swirl ice cream cone, the Lash Next Door consists of 2 formulas – 1 that lengthens and 1 that volumizes. The best part is, Lash Next Door does ALL of that without yucky chemicals like TEA, DEA, Paraben, Sulfate and Phthalate free, so it’s safe for your eyes! To top it off, you can layer without clumps, wear it all day and easily wash it off.

What shade does the Lash Next Door Mascara come in?

The Lash Next Door comes in 1 color: Blackout – a black shade perfect for all lashes!