For our senior trip, we went to the amazing island of Kauai in Hawaii! We went for almost 2 weeks with some of our friends and family. This island was one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen! It literally looked like a postcard in real life. Here are some of our favorite memories from Kauai!

One of our first stops was an AWESOME place called Spouting Horn. It’s along the coastline and when the waves hit just right water shoots out of the lava rocks! It’s absolutely breathtaking, and we even saw some cute little turtles swimming!

Of course, got a little hungry so we stopped at a hot dog stand called Puka Dog. It’s one of Hawaii’s specialties because they’re known for their tropical sauces! Later, we went geocaching and found some cute little prizes.

Y’all know we’re all about adventure, so we tried to do every excursion possible from snorkeling and kayaking to zip lining! We even went cliff diving and found a secret beach where we were able to get the ENTIRE beach to ourselves! 

Toward the end of our trip, we discovered a haunted house that was on the riverside of the jungle, so we decided to go check it out at around at night. It was completely abandoned except in the middle was an old piano. It was pretty spooky so, yes…WE RAN!

We literally had so much fun! We did just about everything you could do on an island. Kauai, hope to see you soon!