So, this post may be longer than usual, only because we wanted to tell you guys about a trip we took to Washington D.C. in July for the Girl Up Leadership Summit, where we led a workshop about using your authentic voice on social media.

This is an organization that we’re both incredibly passionate about. What drew us to Girl Up is that it’s about girls from around the world coming together to support and empower one another. It’s a by girls, for girls borderless movement, and we know when girls come together, we are SO much more powerful than when we stand alone. It’s that togetherness, love and support that attracted us to the organization.

Throughout the year we raise awareness and funds to support Girl Up’s United Nations programs in places where it is the hardest to be a girl, to fight for girls to have the right to go school, choose when to marry, and use their voice to transform their communities. The organization puts girls from across the U.S. and more than 90 countries worldwide through leadership training, organizing and advocacy, to become the voice and face of this critical movement.

Another initiative we are a part of with Girl Up is called School Cycle. Girls around the world walk for hours just to go to school. It can be unsafe, or too difficult of a journey, but with a bike, girls can get to school quickly and safely. It’s so crazy how we take bikes for granted, but for many girls a bike can be the difference between being able to go to school to learn and better her life for herself, family and community, or being forced into a child marriage.

The ultimate goal would be to give every girl around the world a voice and to help every girl reach her full potential, but it starts one step at a time. We hope in one way or another, you too, can empower the girls around you to reach their full potential, because when we all stand together, we are a force to be reckoned with!