We recently went to Lake Powell, which is on the border of Utah and Arizona, on a family trip. We can’t really pin down our one favorite moment during this trip because the entire trip was honestly so much fun, and a great way to end our summer before the leaves start changing colors on us (Fall is coming, y’all)!

Fact: There is zero reception at Lake Powell, but it felt nice to be unplugged from the digital world and enjoy taking every moment in on the lake with our family. We started the day off racing each other in our Wave Runners, and then going tubing and wakeboarding. Afterwards, we climbed on some cliffs and started a series of competitions to see who could jump the highest, furthest, and who could strike the funniest pose while jumping off the cliff.

We ended the day at the lake by laying out on our boat, reading, and just taking in the scenery. Once we got home, we changed into our most comfortable clothing and gathered on the floor with our sleeping beds lined up next to each other. We all talked and laughed until we one by one fell asleep (which happened pretty quickly, by the way), and woke up the next morning and headed back to Texas!

Until next time Lake Powell!