We spent this past Christmas in the Caribbean, frolicking in the sun and sand. It was definitely a nice change being in a warmer climate, while still celebrating Christmas by having elf surprises while on a boat! Here are some of our favorite memories from the trip:


The first leg of our trip was in Puerto Rico, where the sun was mighty bright and food was amazing! The coolest part of our trip in Puerto Rico was visiting Fort San Juan, because it was awesome to see and learn about its history. We also loved that we’d spot a handful of reptiles outside of our hotel!


We headed to Aruba next, and were immediately astounded by how white the sand and clear the water was! We pretty much spent 98% of our time on the beach where we built a sandsnowman, turned Paisely into a mermaid by making her a mermaid tail out of sand, and tried to find our inner zen by doing yoga poses in the sand!


Curacao is an island in the Caribbean that feels like Europe on a beach. We walked over the Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge, which is a floating bridge that connects two quarters of the city, and saw Santa’s factory, which felt odd because it was so warm outside! We also visited the Renaissance Mall, which thanks to its name looks like a castle. One of  the most amazing things about Curacao is that it’s filled with amazing street musicians and we got the chance to listen and play alongside them!


We visited another island in the Caribbean called Bonaire where we went kayaking in the crystal clear blue water and got henna tattoos!


Next we headed to Grenada where we spent our time going through a 7 waterfall hike. On the last hike we jumped off the waterfall and ended the day swimming!


Barbados was so much fun! The first thing on our itinerary was to go deep sea fishing. We then visited Welchman Hall Gully where we went ziplining which was super fun and such an adrenaline rush, and then went on an adventure to find monkeys! We actually saw two twin monkeys, and they were so cute! Next, we went snorkeling with sea turtles (we swear we saw Crush) and discovered an old shipwreck down below!


Guadeloupe was a very scenic island. The views looked surreal, as if we were looking at it through a picture book rather than real life! While there, we visited the botanical gardens and fed our little fish friends.


The last stopped on our trip was Antigua, so we knew whatever adventure we’d take on would have to be BIG. So, we went snorkeling with stingrays, no big deal. Just kidding, HUGE DEAL. It was so much fun, and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t just a little nervous in the beginning, but it’s something we’d definitely want to experience again!