We spent our Spring Break in the Dominican Republic! Not only were we able to soak up some sun, but we were also able to attend the inauguration of the well our family built for one of the communities! This past Christmas our family decided that instead of getting gifts we were going to give the gift of clean water! It was absolutely amazing to see it in person! From fun on the beach and discovering new cities to making new friends, this was a trip that we’ll remember forever! Here are some of our favorite memories.


Our first stop was at the Colonia/El Batay which is known as the neighborhood or permanent community of El Cercado. This is where we visited the well and attended its inauguration. It was so cool to meet all the people of the community and see how excited they were for clean water!


We visited another city called Santo Domingo. Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic and is such a beautiful place! It had a very historical and lively vibe! Plus the old buildings made us feel like we’d time traveled to medieval times! This was the perfect place to walk around, take in some awesome scenery, and, of course, take lots of pictures!


Next we headed to Almendro and had SO MUCH FUN! Our favorite part was definitely going on a tour of the community’s school. We loved being able to visit all of the AMAZING kids! We did art projects, played games, sang, and had an epic dance party!


Our last stop was Hoyo Oscuro. One of our most memorable moments was going on the “water walk,” which is about a mile long. This is where the women and girls of the community walk through the jungle to get water for their families. FUN FACT: It’s a tradition to carry the water in a bucket on your head. It was a wonderful experience to talk to everyone and hear their stories. Hoyo Oscuro, you’ll be in our hearts forever!