You can never have too many sisters! While we have each other, we have way more sisters than you could even imagine. For a while now, we’ve been a part of the Panhellenic sorority, Chi Omega, and we love it! Tons of people think sororities are just a clique of girls who have fun, but there’s also a lot of time and dedication put into the group. We have fun but it’s while we’re doing something meaningful! If you’re interested in pledging a sorority, here are the ins and outs of Greek life to consider before joining.

What is a sorority?

We could hit you with the definition of sorority which is, “a society for female students in a university or college, typically for social purposes.” This definitely isn’t all that there is to sororities. Sororities foster friendship and sisterhood. We focus on academic excellence, community service, and a ton of other purposes. Sororities are also a great place for meeting lifelong sisters.

What is a sorority sister?

A sorority sister is anyone who is in your sorority whether they are older or younger than you. While you’ll definitely have the sorority sisters in your own class, the girls who come before or after you are just as much your sisters. If you’re an incoming student at a new school, it’s not always easy to make new friends. If you’re pledging a sorority, your sorority sisters are going to be another familiar face as you find your place on campus.

What is a bid/bid day?

It might help to think of a sorority as a sports team. Before you can join the team, you have to go through tryouts. While coaches might assess your skills and talents on a court or a field, current members of a sorority have to decide if you’re a good fit for their organization. Before you can be a sorority sister, you have to get a bid first. A bid is your way into the sorority and is essentially your invitation into Greek life. Joining a sorority is a big deal and of course a big deal has to be made about it which is bid day! Bid day is the final day where sororities will give potential members a “bid” to join their group and once you accept, bam! You’re a sorority sister!

What is initiation?

When it comes to Greek life, initiations often get a bad reputation because a lot of groups put their new members through hazing. That’s NOT what initiation is about! Initiation can be a beautiful thing especially when done right. It’s a series of tests and challenges that are supposed to help build you and your relationship with your fellow sorority sisters. All in all, initiation is just an easy way for you to become besties with your sorority class.

What is a Big/Little?

When you’re a twin, there’s never really a big or little sister, but there are tons of them in a sorority. In the opening stages of being in a sorority, it might be difficult to find someone to go to about your problems. Luckily for everyone, you’ll always go into a sorority with someone who’s there FOR YOU! A Big is essentially your sorority big sister. They’ve gone through everything you’ll go through and can give you tips and help in and outside of sorority life. After you’ve been in a sorority for a year, you’ll turn into a Big and you’ll be assigned a Little. It’ll then be your turn to help her live her best sorority life!

What is philanthropy?

Philanthropy is just another way of saying community service. While people like to think sororities are just about having a good time, a lot of that time is focused on helping others! Sororities work with tons of different charities and organizations with the purpose of helping those who need it. And while this is just the right thing to do, it’s also great karma!

Joining a sorority can seem intimidating, but it’s not! The lifelong friends and sisters you’ll make along the way are just a perk to the entire benefit of Greek life.